Well I never

God just intervened


We have been praying for God to intervene into a situation.  It felt totally unjust to us.  We had prayed for justice to reign, but I have to confess I never imagined it would turn out as it did.

We have seen in recent days, as I have said 

the miraculous outworking of God before our very eyes, even though at times we have been stretched to the very edge of our human and spiritual resources. We have at times, just not known what to do.
We have repeatedly just had to find ourselves before Our Father, pleading and interceding in prayer, we have needed God to intervene, its felt like time and time again.

God has been teaching us much in this season of our lives and ministry, about reliance on Him.  Trust in Him, in all things of our lives.

Yesterday, we saw again before our eyes God at work, working for justice but as I say it just was not as we expected.

As I sit typing this at the start of this eternally significant…


Im thinking, as I travel on a beautiful sunny spring morning in the early stages of Holy Week.
Just how did Jesus keep his emotions in check?
Now I recognise that throughout the whole Holy week experience we see the humanity of Jesus demonstrated in many different ways and stories, where clearly the whole gambit of emotions flow through his body!
But, I think we would all agree Jesus does an amazing job of keeping the emotions in check, despite the enormity of all that he was facing.   As I think on this I cant help but think back to my doctrine teachers, Lt Colonel Marion Howe and Major Jean James in college, who taught me in college about Jesus being truly and properly God and truly and properly man!
Is been said that I am an ‘emotional man’, I wear my feelings on my sleeve?I think that people mean this in an encouraging way, mostly.
Its also been said that the biggest scourge on the church is not emotionalism, but the lack of emotion (Sandy Miller HTB April 1994)
Its also been said that …

What Time is It?

How can you enter Holy Week without expecting to hear about Jesus...?

Well interestingly theres big quite a bit this year across the media about chocolate eggs, formerly known as easter eggs!

'It is a vanishing act worthy of the Easter bunny himself and just as mysterious. Easter - the most important Christian festival of the year, celebrated by well over two billion people around the world - appears to be quietly disappearing: at least when it comes to eggs. Growing numbers of chocolate eggs are on sale in the UK without any mention of the word “Easter” on the front of the packaging. Many of Britain’s best known brands have quietly dropped the name of the Christian festival from their main branding, now selling Easter products labelled simply as “chocolate egg” or even “egg”, it has been claimed.(Daily Telegraph 22nd March 2018 John Bingham)
How can you not call an Easter Egg an Easter Egg??

I've been thinking a lot since the end of last week.  I was at the Fresh Expressions Commu…

Heading to The Hills!

I look out of my windows to the Yorkshire Dales 
I stare out to the horizon
The hills are covered in snow.
Looks amazing.....
They seem so close, within my reach, yet they are still far away.

In recent days, I've been working from home alot,
I've spent many hours walking, as part of me trying to get fit and lose weight at the commencement of this year....
As well as seeking what God is calling me to, challenging me about, compelling me forward with.

Its worked.
and Quiet are key,
To reflect upon the questions, and thinking about what's going on in my head.

God has been 'forcing me' to a place where I am having to rely on him in a deeper way!
That's not to say I don't trust Him, or
rely on Him
God is calling me deeper.
To rely on Him in the everyday, everything, everywhere.

I find myself at times in deep communion with Gods Spirit.
I find myself hearing loud and clear, even though the clanging gong of my life and circumstances, at times are so loud.
I find…


Well, we knew it was coming.
But little did we really imagine the weather of last Tuesday onwards would bring such chaos to the nation.
It was as if the weather, just ground everything to a stop.

Just how many roads were closed,
Cars stuck?
Passengers stranded?
Appointments cancelled?
Work days/hours lost?
And how many of my friends boilers just packed in working, just when you really needed them to warm you through?
I must confess I did smile, when I heard and the country was running out of gas!!

Just how on earth would we cope in Sweden, Norway or Siberia??

Its been bitterly cold, raw.....

I spotted a couple of real blessings, in the snow for myself.

Firstly, it was so good to spend four days stuck at home.  Unable to travel, to get out of the village.  The various spells of snow, and cars that couldnt cope with it meant that the two ways out of the village, which both are up hill, were impassable.  So I was unable to go anywhere.  This meant, I experienced a real treat.  Time to rest up and tim…


It was inevitable.
I feared it.
I even told my friends it would happen!
The supposed invincible England rugby team would lose.
Unlike football we tend to win games regularly in recent years.
Thankfully I was at a game so was unable to watch yesterdays game. 
It was according to many of my Scottish friends never in doubt!
The better team simply won!

There has been a real swagger about the England rugby team in recent months, brought about by a leader who has instilled a real sense of living as winners.
(This has come of a terrible world cup in England where we did not event qualify, despair across the England rugby fans was unbearable)
The new coach has been ruthless in his team selection, dropping players even when they were playing it seemed well.
He has not held back from his stated aim of becoming the best.
I've not heard whats hes said after yesterdays game,  but I have no doubt he will have gone straight back into the changing room yesterday and said, losing is not nice is it!
He will, Im…


An old advert came to mind the other day, as I listened to a friend try to speak.
The advert used to say 'you need tunes'

The advert was all about cough sweets for when you were blocked up.
You may well be too young to remember it!

You get what I mean thou dont you, its that time of year when the coughs and colds seem to be about, and you just want to blow you nose so hard to clear it so you can breathe easily.
No matter how often or how hard you blow you just cannot 'unblock', the airways to breathe properly.

My friend and I were laughing, 'shut up' she said as i jestered with her about how she sounded.  'Im all blocked up. I cant breathe!'

I was reflecting last evening on the train about a number of things and meetings over the last few days, and then this morning i read the Nehemiah, Lets Rebuild Together prayers which the Salvation Army Territory is following through the 52 days of lent.

It said, Facing the Blockages.  'Then I moved on towards the Fount…