An old advert came to mind the other day, as I listened to a friend try to speak.
The advert used to say 'you need tunes'

The advert was all about cough sweets for when you were blocked up.
You may well be too young to remember it!

You get what I mean thou dont you, its that time of year when the coughs and colds seem to be about, and you just want to blow you nose so hard to clear it so you can breathe easily.
No matter how often or how hard you blow you just cannot 'unblock', the airways to breathe properly.

My friend and I were laughing, 'shut up' she said as i jestered with her about how she sounded.  'Im all blocked up. I cant breathe!'

I was reflecting last evening on the train about a number of things and meetings over the last few days, and then this morning i read the Nehemiah, Lets Rebuild Together prayers which the Salvation Army Territory is following through the 52 days of lent.

It said, Facing the Blockages.  'Then I moved on towards the Fount…

Reflections of an Ageing Pioneer

And Jesus went to a quiet place.....
I love this statement.... I love how Jesus recognised the times of demand and expectation, placed upon him. I love how he knew he had exhausted his human endurance levels. I love how this shouts out so loud the importance of STOPPING!
(NB This blog may well be longer than usual, but please do read it to the end)
I've just come of two of the most demanding, yet enthralling weeks of the year and my ministry. Ive come off them at a time or real personal challenges for my family with health and well being concerns.  When you put these two components together, I have had to reach out to God and to others and 'force myself', to the place of deeper reliance of God and other disciples/friends.  A bit like Moses, many have held up my arms.  Thank you.  THIS HAS DONE MY SPIRIT SO MUCH GOOD!

Here are a couple of reflections and learning over the last two weeks.

Firstly at the largest ever Pioneer Gathering the UKT has seen, we were inspired, indeed blown a…

....WITH ....

Yesterday was spent meeting some new people They came to a training event I ran,  As one said not sure what this is, or what we are going to look at but im told it will be helpful!
I smiled And I thought Well im the leader and Im not sure whats going to happen!

The group of people had in fact gathered to look at pioneering fresh expressions of church in their neighbourhoods and communities. A diverse, mixed group of people who were both inquisitive and passionate about their faith and about mission in today's world.
Theres something very special that happens when you meet a group of disciples who you have not met before and you engage in conversation with them. It was, i believe a really encouraging day.

Whenever I lead such events theres nearly always one thing, or word, comment or statement that i read, hear or say that stays with me on the journey home or to wherever Im going next. Yesterday was no different, Strangely Ive read this so many times Yet Yesterday It really 'landed in my head …


Where is your frontline?

Ive heard this question numerous times in the last 24 hours, as Im at a training conference which is called Frontline.
Its a time to spend looking  at how can we live as disciples in the everyday, everywhere and everything?

Some great people have gathered, and some really thought provoking presentations have already happened.

One of the 'drivers' of the team Im linked to at the Enabling Mission Team, is the whole thing about how we enable and equip people to live as effective disciples, wherever they find themselves, right here and now.

Ive just heard a key question, as a leader;
'where are the people under your care right now?'

Theres no doubt that one of the biggest challenges we face as leaders is how, who and what are we doing to help others to be an effective follower of The Way?  How are we apprenticing people, influencing them, guiding them towards what the Lord requires of them and of us?

A disciple is learning to live the way of Jesus in their…


It had to be done!
I've resisted And resisted. But in the end I just had to admit it,  And my hand was forced. I had lost my reading glasses, but  To be honest I could not see clearly with them anyway. You see my eye sight has been deteriorating. I needed help to see clearly.
Ironically as Ive worn my new reading glasses for the last week, Ive had a bit of a headache as my eyes have adjusted to the 'new clarity'.

My thoughts were stirred to this, early this morning as I looked out on the new day. Well I tried to see out, but there is a dense fog that has consumed the neighbourhood, It looks dark, dreary and I cant even see across to the other side of the road. I think I prefer every other kind of weather to FOG. I dont like not seeing where Im going.

Over Christmas and into the new year, we have all struggled with these bugs which have been going round. It seemed like we had repeated migraines. These caused us to want to be in dark places, resting our eyes, as the light just hurt so much. T…

Who are They?

Who are they?

Have you heard this said? 
Have you said it?

You know what I mean?  They dont understand me! They dont listen! They make decisions that have no relevance!  They dont know whats going on out here! Kind of thing.  
You get what Im saying?

But I'm wondering, who are they?

I was blessed to spend the day yesterday, with a great bunch of passionate, deeply committed people.  The day was spent discussing how do we create a Pioneering Culture in every context?  Our discussion focused around the fact that whilst not all are called or gifted to be Pioneers and start new expressions of church, rather that we need to create places where pioneering is a natural expression and experience of the local body of Christ, the church.

The Salvation Armys Pioneer strategy, endorsed in March 2015, and which myself and Andrea are tasked with implementing, along with others says

As a pioneering mission movement the Salvation Army’s primary role has always been to ‘break new ground’, with the gospel.…



Do we expect God to be at work in our world, our neighbourhoods, our families?

Or even our churches?
Do we expect God to be present in the here and now?

Just what do I/we expect?

If I am an living as an expectant person, then I am ready for things to happen. After all an expectant parent, knows at some point the pains of birth will happen, (although maybe they dont expect them to be as bad as they are?)

So....I should have expected it to hurt! Shouldn't I?

Its a new year, and Im trying to lose some of the extra weight im carrying, so I can fit into whatever my son wants me to wear at his wedding later this year.
As part of this fitness campaign Andrea bought me a fitbit for Christmas. Its really good and encouraging.
It tells me everything Ive done, or not done throughout the day!!!

So i went for a long walk yesterday!  It was beautiful, really cold and crisp.  But I did'nt expect to ache this morning quite as much!
I'm hungry too, as I've started the diet regime as w…