Its been a bit of a crazy week...
Full of surprises, some shocks and some serious challenges to.

It would be so easy to focus on these.  (thats not to say we should not acknowledge,,, them!)

But this word if seems to keep bouncing around my head like a squash ball bandied around a squash court. I think I know where it is going to bounce and land then it beats me or passes me by!


I wonder, If we are living in the moments of if only?

I wonder if we could go back over the last three years would we do the same things?
I wonder where we will be if we continue the way we are heading in the next three years
I wonder if...

I wonder if we were to apply the words of 2 Chronicles 7:14 what we would experience as a movement and as a people?
Well God makes it clear what if we did......what He would do.

Is it possible that God is asking of us, the what if question, rather than us asking it of Him?

Is it possible that for to long we have been pleading with God, yet Hes been waiting for…

Pushing on

Its happened again.

A flake of snow was spotted (ok more than a few flakes on this occasion)
And as usual at the first sight of snow the whole country has ground to a halt.

Events long planned were cancelled.
Trips that were expected to be made, were not.
As normal it seems boilers and heating systems have broken down when you need them most.
On this occasion we were all told the snow was coming, severe weather signs and warnings were put out and announced.
The forecasters were spot on in their predictions.
Sure enough it did snow.

Mind you doesnt it look beautiful from the windows, and the warmth of indoors?

But it  doesnt take much to stop us getting where we need to go.
Today, planes, trains and roads were either cancelled or delayed, or blocked sadly by accidents.
It would be so easy to just not venture out and on!

Last week I met with a number of DMEs, were were talking about the obstacles, the things that are getting in the way of us 'pushing on in mission'.
It was a really helpful da…


From the lips of children....

I was reminded of a simple truth this past weekend.

It was this.
The power of invitation...

Let me tell you what happened.

I was invited to speak to a group of 14-20 year olds on the subject of mission.
They had signed up to look into what it meant to grow in their faith and how this would help them as leaders over a three month intensive experience.

Transformers North, was facilitated by 4 passionate youth specialists and a wider team of helpers.
It was such a blessed experience, and did my spirit so much good!
It was so good to see people young and a little older excited about mission and supporting one another in the journey of faith means.

I have since travelled home, swapped my case for another case and now jumped on a train, so Ive had a good few hours to reflect on what I heard!

The thing that really jumped out to me was the power of invitation!
As I reflected on this thought, this voice kept drumming into my head

'how will they know, if you do not tell the…

WOW!!!!! Do you see?

Do you see?
Are you looking?
Have you missed the blessings?
I cannot help but recognise increasingly that the God of the Heavens, is the God who continues to amaze and astound me!  When Im looking!  When Im listening!
Its feel like in recent days God has been telling me loud and clear to talk about the things of God, to change the narrative.  It seems like so many of us have got caught up in the ‘ways of the world’ that we have taken out eyes of the Creator!  In no way am I saying we should ignore or deny the reality of the challenges we face, but Im wondering…….do we spend as long talking about Jesus and the Kingdom?  I cant help but think we have gotten pre occupied with the wrong things?  (I can easily justify and agree with many of the arguments about what we have gone through, and what we have experienced, but I also have a growing unease that we have lost of focus, maybe even our motivation!)
This morning this happened….
I walked on a cold frosty morning early to the train….It was fre…

Others - #newarmyrising

Has anything really changed?  or are we just dreaming?
Is this it?  or is there more?
Is this really why we were created?  or do we delude ourselves?
Is the time right? or have we missed the time?

Its been a mega crazy week, 400 plus church planters and pioneers at Exponential Europe followed by the other end of the charismatic spectrum at two days retreat in a catholic retreat centre. But in the sovereignty of God there has been an amazing amount of confirmation and symmetry, as I have considered what does it mean to be a #newarmyrising.
Andy Hawthorne from The Message used this quote;
In 1901 Many years ago, the Founder of The Salvation Army, William Booth, then very old, was preparing to send his annual Christmas message to Salvationists around the world. In those days, communication was by telegraph, and you paid for each word that you sent. Times were tough and the Army was short on money, so William Booth sent a one-word telegram, which encompassed everything he needed to say. The wor…

Get out of the Dumpster

Hanging out with all the crazies......

Was a line that jumped out to me yesterday during an impassioned prophetic call out to the leaders in the room.

The room had been filled with gifted, and anointed teachers in the morning.  
There was a great deal of male testoterone about.  (thats not to deny that what was spoken was, good teaching, with much of it being inspired.  There were great stories of transformation and lives turned around by the good news).
Worship took the 400 people present into the presence of an Almighty God who can!  
Who can do immeasurably more than we can imagine.

This text resonates for me virtually every time i hear it.  
It was said that the room was full of dreamers, and even with so many dreams God can still do more than we could imagine!
Great reminder of what is possible with God!

There was however a heart cry from the room, which I was also very aware off.
Where were the women's voices.
It was glaringly obvious.

For a few moments i stopped and said a prayer givin…

Follow me.....

Leave it.

You dont need it...
Lets go....
Come on....

Whats your house like when you are heading out somewhere?

It seems to me that in our house we have polarised views of what it means to leave and go....
One of us travels very light, (and normally forgets something)
One seems to travel very heavy (well the suitcase anyway, but takes everything which will be possibly needed!)

Ive been listening a lot recently, as well as reading a number of statements, statuses, and articles.  I've been thinking more and more since officers councils....Two words keep drilling into my head and my heart


As I have pondered on these words of Jesus to his first disciples, I cannot help but wonder, what did they think this entailed?

Whenever I go on a journey, I make sure I have my destination and venue as well as the postcode.  I like to know where I'm heading....

And yet when Jesus called those disciples to follow, they did not know where they were going.
As I have said b…